Global Navigation Satellite System or GNSS has become an essential tool in various positioning applications in Malaysia. With the full operational constellation and modernisation of the GNSS such as GPS and GLONASS, the accuracy of positioning has definitely improved. However, the integrity of navigation system is more important than the precision and there is always a needs to authenticate and monitor the received signals to ensure the safety used of the space-based positioning in the country.

The National Space Agency (ANGKASA) in collaboration with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) has developed the GNSS and DGPS integrity monitoring system for space-based positioning in Malaysia.

The developed system continuously monitor the integrity and quality navigation information on GNSS and DGPS service over the country and provides a warning of any signal anomalies at all time. Several Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) are setup as the ground monitoring stations to observe the satellite signals. The observation data are streamed via the Internet to the processing centre and to be enhanced for the purpose of supporting the integrity monitoring system.

For more information, plese visit Malaysian GNSS and DGPS Integrity Monitoring System.

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